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Monday, April 15, 2013

What makes a man sexy?

For me, it’s always been Tom Selleck. I fell in love with Tom back in his Magnum P.I. days. Our affair has lasted all these years and continues on Friday nights with his role as Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods.

I love the mustache, the hairy chest, the eyes, dark hair, the way he smiles . . . I need a minute.

The definition of "Sexy" changes over the years for women.
In our 20's, a guy was sexy if he had a nice car. It didn’t matter what his face looked like.
In our 30's, a guy was sexy if he had a good job and didn’t live with his mother.
In our 40's, a guy was sexy if he was a good father and treated his wife with respect.

Now that I am months away from my 50's. I find any guy who vacuums without being asked sexy as hell!
Things that were important to us in our 20's and 30's no longer apply in our 40's and 50's. Let’s face it there’s just not a lot of guys in their 50's with six-pack abs and a full head of hair. Even Tom is getting a little sparse on top.

As we get older, we get wiser.

There’s nothing sexier than waking up late on a Saturday morning and hearing the vacuum going downstairs, or seeing the laundry separated in tubs on the floor and the first load already in.

It’s pure ecstasy when you walk into the living room and find out not only was it vacuumed but it was dusted too!

Nothing says true love like a man washing the pots and pans after super then wiping down the counter and the kitchen table.

It’s multi- orgasmic to come home and find the laundry folded, put away and the laundry tubs put back in place.

Guys in fast cars don’t turn my head any more because I know they’re just going through a change of life.

As my Mother used to say, "It doesn’t matter what’s parked in the driveway. You still have to put up with the asshole in the house."

Guys with great jobs don’t do anything for me any more because I have my own great job. This honey makes her own money. I don’t have to ask a man if I can spend it.

When a woman turns 50 a man becomes sexy when he speaks about his wife with respect, is involved with his kids, is kind, honourable, vacuums, dusts, wipes down the counter and separates laundry and remembers to take out the trash.

It doesn’t hurt if he looks like Tom Selleck either.

Lucky for me . . . Hubby does vacuum and has most of his hair.