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Friday, September 6, 2013

When did guys become classy and girls become trashy?

So I am watching Miley Cyrus twerking her butt on YouTube. I am not disgusted I am more in awe wondering how the hell  she gets her butt to do that. Being able to twirk like that is a gift!

Having said that, twerking your butt off at the Video Awards and uploading it to YouTube when you're an international pop star who's life depends on the amount of publicity you get is one thing. Twerking your butt at a club on George Street, taping it on your phone, and uploading it to your Facebook page when you're a student at MUN, is just nasty.

I hardly ever go to George Street or night clubs in general. Not that I am a prude, I am just.... 50. That's right 50 years old, and with age hopefully comes wisdom. But I wasn't always this wise. At one time I too was a 20 something girl in a mini skirt on George Street. Thank God twerking and Facebook did not exist back then.

Recently I was invited to a party at a nightclub on our famous George Street. I was really looking forward to it because I couldn't remember the last time I was there. We met up with some old friends, enjoyed delicious fish and chips and had a great time.

My favourite thing to do on George Street is not dance, but people watch. People watching is the best sport there is. People always entertain me. By the time I was on my third Vodka martini I noticed this pack of three young girls standing a few feet away from me.

I am convinced we are raising a superior race of super models. Girls today are all so tall and beautiful. These girls were at the top of the food chain. Each one was tall, thin, and beautiful with long hair. If they were 19 that's about all they were. One wore a black leather micro mini skirt, or a wide belt as my Mother would say. She had on a white halter top that had no back and I was wondering how the hell she kept it on. Her two friends wore matching micro mini dresses, or sausage casings as my husband would say. All three fought to keep their balance on four inch Lady Gaga heels.

We laughed watching them try to stay upright in the Gaga heels, taking bets on which one was going to hit the floor first. I guess the strain of four inch heels got to them because they carefully waddled over to a tall table that had three stools around it. Each one tried their hardest to prop themselves upon the stools but the skirts were too high and tight. They each decided to lean against the table instead.

I noticed two things:

1. No one approached the girls at the table, although I did notice guys watching them out of the corner of their eyes.
2. All the guys in the club were wearing a shirt, tie and suit. None of them wore jeans.

Interesting I thought. All the guys looked like Justin Timberlake and the girls looked like Miley Cyrus.

So when did guys get classy and girls get trashy?

While guys are imitating artists like Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Usher and P-Diddy. Girls are imitating Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Kesha and Rihanna.

What's going on?

Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” This I believe to be true. Remember when guys were going around with their jeans down over their arse with their underwear showing. I wanted to run around the mall reverse-pantsing everyone (It means pulling them up instead of down). It would irk me to no end to see grown men walking through the mall with their jeans below the cheeks of their arse. Just for fun I would walk up next to them and whisper "Nice skid marks on your Fruit of the Looms." Thank God this fad passed.

Coco Channel once said, "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." I agree with this. I would hope my teenage daughter restricts her twirking to sleep-over parties with her girl friends.  I would hope she never thinks she needs a micro mini skirt to attract the man of her dreams. I also hope if she chooses to wear four inch heels that she will be smart enough to wear leggings so she can sit down.

Oh I hear ya! Those without sin throw the first stone. Don't worry, I am not throwing stones at anyone because I was that girl in the mini skirt and high heels thirty years ago.  My Mother used to say "There's no sense talking to you!" She was right. We all have to learn on our own.

As women, we eventually learn that being smart IS attractive. Being powerful and self assured is a good thing. We learn the sexiest outfit is just a pair of worn jeans and a T-shirt. We learn that guys who look at you out of the corner of their eyes are not giving you the look of love. Then we learn that the difference between the most beautiful woman in the room and the mousiest women in the room is not the price of her dress or the length of her hair, it's her attitude and self confidence.

Then one day you find yourself at 50, searching "How do you twerk?" on YouTube. Not because you want to do it on George Street in a mini skirt, but because you want to embarrass your teenage daughter when she has hosts her next sleepover.

My Mother used to say, "Why wait for a man to bring you flowers when you have the ability to grow your own garden."

Maybe we need to teach our daughters how to be good gardeners. Maybe we need to bring classy back.