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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Around the World

How better to get the Christmas spirit than catch it from The Spirit of Newfoundland?

Their Christmas Around the World show is exactly what you need to get your Christmas spirit soaring. This year’s show has two new members, Michael Power and Keith Power. Both are well versed entertainers.

Michael is a graduate of the Musical Theatre Performance Program at Sheridan Collage and is a well-seasoned performer. He is cute enough to play Jake Doyle’s little brother and displays an amazing talent whether he is singing, dancing or making the audience laugh.

Keith is a graduate of Sir Wilfred Grenfell College with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Acting and it shows. This guy was born for Broadway! He can sing, dance and make you burst out laughing with just a facial expression.

Christmas Around the World also features two of my favourites, Shelia Williams and Dana Parson. Both well-known entertainers that can make any show.

I’ve often described Shelia as Newfoundland’s Lucille Ball and she does not disappoint. I would love to know how much she ad-libs and how much is from script. I can’t image she sticks to the script much because her one-liners can even break up her cast members.

Dana has this God-given voice that she uses to bring the audience to fits of laughter or causes shivers down your spine. She easily switches from her comedic talent to a trained opera voice that leaves you speechless.

Christmas Around the World is exactly what your family needs to find the Christmas Spirit. From the traditional Christmas songs to a moving soliloquy from Michael Power, the show will quickly bring you from laughter to tears back to laughter again.

On the night that we attended, we were lucky enough to have the one and only, Shelley Neville, in the audience and at the end she gave the audience the best Christmas gift ever, her rendition of O Holy Night. We left the Masonic Temple filled with love, peace and joy.

Do yourself and your family a favour, bring them to Christmas Around the World at Spirit of Newfoundland and remind them what the season is really about… spending time together, remembering old times and laughing out loud.