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Sunday, January 26, 2014

We just don't don't support each other like men do.

Why are there more men's sports teams than women's sports teams? It's because men are better at playing on a team that women are.

We just don't support each other like men do.

I have always worked in a male-dominated business and I am not going to lie. I like it that way. Men are easier to work with.

Men never come to work and say “Look at what he’s wearing today. What a tramp.” They don’t attack each other on a personal level. When they do argue, they have words, then go about their day and forget it. Men don’t hold grudges like women do.

I am not speaking for all women. I am only speaking from "my" personal experience.

Women criticize other women more often and are more severe with their criticism than any man I’ve ever known. Let me give you some examples of criticisms that I have experienced over the years from other women:

A woman is over weight – She is lazy, she will always be looking for excuses to get out of work
A woman has gray hair – She is old and don’t care about herself
A woman with dyed hair – Thinks too much of herself
A woman wearing make -up – She’s advertising herself
A woman without make-up – Lesbian
A woman in sweatpants – She’s on welfare
A woman well-dressed – She slept her way to the top
A woman not well-dressed – Will never make it in this business
A woman who is pretty – Is stupid
A woman is plain – Is smart
A woman who is young – Don’t trust her around your husband
A woman who is old – Useless, just wants to gossip all day
A woman who is assertive & sure of herself – Bitch
A woman who is in charge – Bully, not very lady like
A single woman – Slut, can’t focus on her job
A married woman – Good candidate for the job, will be responsible
A woman who is a Mother – Will want too much time off to deal with her kids

Let’s look at the male version of this:

A man is over weight – Hard working man who loves to eat. What a partier. Look at Rob Ford.
A man has gray hair – He is so distinguished. A real George Clooney!
A man with dyed hair – You got to do what you got to do to stay young!
A man wearing make -up – It’s called being “Metro-sexual” It’s all the rage
A man without make-up – Manly
A man in sweatpants – Coming from the gym or doing work around the house
A man well-dressed – Every girl crazy about a sharp dressed man
A man not well-dressed – Down on his luck
A man who is handsome – Tall, dark and handsome what a bonus to have around
A man is plain – Works too hard to care about himself
A man who is young – Good prodigy! Let’s teach him the business
A man who is old – An incredible amount of knowledge, we’ll never replace him
A man who is assertive & sure of himself – Is in charge
A man who is in charge – Is expected to be assertive and sure of himself
A single man – Lots of time to focus job, maybe he’ll join our hockey team?
A married man – Good candidate for the job, he is so committed
A man who is a Father – Good man, his children are so well-behaved. He did a great job raising them.

I think we have evolved into a culture of people who feel it is their right to say what they think about everyone and everything. The old motto of “If you can’t say something nice don’t say nothing at all” just doesn’t apply anymore.

There’s a difference between making fun of a celebrity who continues to make themselves the butt of all jokes and a person who earns their seat at the management table, or a job of their choice or the Premier’s job.

A friend told me when she hears a person criticizing another person what they are really saying is “There is something about that person that I don’t like about myself.”

Think about it.

The next time you feel the need to criticize a woman because she “Has a Witch’s nose” or she is “A bad example because she is overweight” or “Thinks too much of herself” maybe you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself “What is it about that person that makes me hate myself?”

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Power Outage Parties!

My kids won’t live through the apocalypse. They will die from hunger and cold… because I am a bad mother.
During the recent winter storms and power outages I have discovered that my children’s high-tech lifestyle has taken their survival skills away. I have only contributed to the problem because I am the one who keeps buying the electronics.
I am always “Power Outage Ready.” Believe it or not I have a fear of power outages. I have a plastic box in my basement full of candles, batteries, lighters and matches. I have a battery operated radio in my kitchen, an old-fashioned stove top kettle, propane stove and fireplace, and a stack of board games to keep the kids busy.
I am Survivor Woman!
During the outage I filled the kettle and put it on the stove. I asked my teenaged daughter to let me know when it was boiled. A few minutes later she called out to me and said “There’s lots of steam coming from it but I didn’t hear the click.”
The click? What’s “A click?”
The sound the kettle makes when it is boiled… the electric kettle. My daughter’s generation never had to boil water for tea on a stove. It got me to thinking; I need to educate this girl on the basics of life. I picked up a Bic lighter and said, “Light this stove with this lighter.” At first she protested until I said “What happens if you’re lost in the woods and need to start a fire to stay warm? You need to learn to survive.” She said she would use the GPS on her phone and get out, plus she would never get lost in the woods because she didn’t know where that was.
She tried and tried but couldn’t get the lighter to work. This generation is just not a “manual labour” type of generation.
Then I tried to teach her how to work a radio that runs on batteries. You wouldn’t know but I asked her to change the tire on the truck. It was a new world for her. “You have to unplug it from the wall then switch over to battery mode.” She had never seen this strange animal before. I know she longed for the continuous stream of info from Facebook to find out how her friends were all suffering from the outage. This listening to information from a battery operated radio and not being able to type “LOL” or “LMAO” after each comment the reporter made was killing her
Now at the same time, I couldn’t survive in her digital world. My phone died and I was willing to wait for the power to come back on to charge it. My daughter said “Mom, charge your phone in your car.” I never would have thought of that.
By day three she had enough “My hair is frizzy because I can’t use my straitening iron and all my clothes are dirty” she screams.
Still the Premier refused to call it a crisis!
I have been living in this province for 50 years. I know when winter comes there will be power outages. That’s guaranteed.
As a parent it’s my job to make sure my family is ready for one. We call them “Power Outage Parties.” We play Monopoly, go for drives and boil water on the stove.
I forgot how good tea tastes when the water has been boiled on the stove. We’ve had our power back for a week now and I am still using the “old-fashioned” kettle.
So calm down people. It’s not the end of the world. It’s a power outage. Have fun with it.